A photo that president tweeted to 64 million followers could help U.S. adversaries determine details of U.S. surveillance capabilities, experts warned.
Patricia Warner received the nation's highest civilian award for serving the U.S. as a spy. She also helped downed American pilots escape.
Russian and Chinese spies reportedly listen in on the president's phone calls regularly.
Several Asian-American legislators consider the decision a huge victory.
Wray has received immense backlash from Asian-American civil rights organizations for his comments about "the China threat."
“People continue to mistake us [Asian-Americans] for foreigners no matter how hard we assimilate and show our loyalty.”
Sandy Phan-Gillis had been held without trial for two years.
For well over half a century the U.S. has depended on its Intelligence Community as the first line of defense in meeting
Instead of focusing on Michael Flynn or if he lied to Mike Pence or Donald Trump, shouldn't we be asking Donald Trump if he told his National Security Advisor appointee to speak to or reassure the Russians about President Obama's sanctions?
Why had privileged young men agreed to work for a country they hardly knew and a system which even then was known to be totalitarian? So began a fascination with The Cambridge Spies which has lasted to this day.
The charge comes 17 months after Sandy Phan-Gillis was arrested by Chinese authorities.
This is his story. And so he began to provide information and the Israelis set up a system to make Xerox copies of documents
They're really smart. They make the marriage fall apart in 1991, when Putin supposedly retires from the KGB, and next give
Either way, it's hard to lose that nagging feeling that this good film could have been great. Besides silencing and killing
I had not even reported to the German Affairs Office, when I got a telephone call. The telephone caller said, "Would you
I'm able to relate to her because her actions were normal to her -- and me -- but nefarious to others. She traveled to China