Fortnite has nearly 250 million registered players and raked in an estimated $2.4 billion last year.
The 10-person team at Hathaway Brown, a private school near Cleveland, launched last school year.
Timothy Anselimo, who was shot three times, asked his half-brother watching the event on TV to "tell my mother I love her."
Change may occur slowly, but so will the preparation required for changing the habits and norms of the clubs and leagues striving to remain relevant for decades to come.
S: What is next? Disclaimer: I'm an investor and advisor to YouStake F: We're the first online marketplace where fans can
Having just come from the StreamMarket 2016 conference for the original online video industry, here is my list of shifts
The video game titan wants to put the "sports" in "e-sports."
The Super Bowl is a 21st Century American spectacle echoing the ancient, Roman tradition of combat games in the Coliseum
Professional esports player Johnathan Wendel, aka Fatal1ty, unlocked the secrets to becoming a champion gamer, so we had to ask him for his top five gaming tips during CES 2016 in Las Vegas.
Shaq got into it with an e-sports guy, then Barkley started saying Barkley things.
Competitive video game tournaments have grown exponentially in both prevalence and commercial popularity over the past decade. Previously, game franchises such as Madden and Halo received the most attention from the gaming community, but in recent years, that has shifted dramatically.
The prize pool for this tournament is worth more than Ozzy Osbourne's $10 million Beverly Hills mansion.
Hardcore gamers can step out from behind their desktop computers and compete from anywhere they want -- the couch, the car, even (gasp!) outside. But that's not the only thing to love about "Hearthstone."
Video games are one of the largest entertainment industries in America. The question is not who plays, but what games, on what device and with whom. In fact, nearly half of the U.S. population -- 155 million people -- play video games.
Being a professional gamer is a delicate balancing act. Being in the top skill bracket is merely a pre-requisite to earn the title "professional gamer." To be a successful professional gamer, you need to be a creative and strategic digital content producer.
In the video game industry, streaming capabilities gave rise to a new category of sporting events -- professional video game competitions. Esports is a million-dollar industry with millions of vocal fans worldwide and is quickly becoming the fastest-growing and most-viewed sport in the U.S.
The 23-year-old "Starcraft 2" player is only the second professional gamer to get a P-1A visa, letting him travel and work
With the support of his family, the high school senior has made the difficult decision to forgo college to pursue a career