“Once medical devices get on the market, it’s extremely difficult to get them off the market, even in the face of evidence suggesting that they’re ineffective,” one health advocate says.
After receiving thousands of complaints, a few months ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a "black box" warning to alert the public of the serious dangers associated with this device.
Two weeks ago a variety of experts and patients met to testify to a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel about concerns that the female sterilization device Essure is causing more problems than the FDA or Bayer, the manufacturer of the device, are admitting to.
I am opening myself up to talk about these procedures because they have been gratifying for me. Both, a gift. I hope more women who are done with or not interested in having children -- and who practice "safe sex" -- can experience the same joys of sex that I do.
Instead of monitoring the company's studies, unfortunately, the FDA has defended them. While the NBC investigative reporters