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The legislation comes just three days after Republicans proposed scrapping the tax altogether.
President Donald J. Trump held a rally in Cedar Rapids, IA. Let’s just say he stuck to the “alternative facts.”
Here are five key tax questions that should be asked of the two presidential candidates in Monday's debate.
When it comes to tax policies that hurt our small businesses, the real culprits are big corporations that are allowed to
Some say that an inheritance or estate tax is a pointless tax. It is sometimes called a death tax because the purpose is
2. Cuts taxes on hedge funds and other wealthy partnerships by billions of dollars--personally benefitting Trump. Many Wall
Estate tax revenues must be dedicated to a broadly desired purpose.
The Obama administration has made considerable progress over the past eight years to make our tax code fairer. This week, the Treasury Department is building on that progress through proposed new rules closing a loophole that allows some wealthy families to avoid paying their fair share in estate taxes.
Mercersburg has become a wealthy school. Its $483,000 endowment per student in SY2012, which ranked 9th among boarding schools