estate tax

Jaws drop on Twitter as the ex-president's critics think they know exactly who he means.
Billionaires, meanwhile. have doubled their collective net worth to more than $5 trillion in just 5 years.
Struggling farmers would be exempt from Democrats' proposed tax hikes, but they're a lot more sympathetic than family dynasties.
Wealth advisers to the 1% say there’s sheer panic: “Sometimes people don’t realize how much money they’ve accumulated until they’re about to lose it.”
Even during a pandemic with high unemployment, Republicans are still mad about the estate tax.
The legislation comes just three days after Republicans proposed scrapping the tax altogether.
President Donald J. Trump held a rally in Cedar Rapids, IA. Let’s just say he stuck to the “alternative facts.”
Here are five key tax questions that should be asked of the two presidential candidates in Monday's debate.