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"In today's world, parents don't give kids enough independence."
The media arts are a field that I see as having immense potential to shape a new generation of students around the world that are breaking down cultural boundaries and seeing in one another our common humanity. The Global Lives Project has emerged in the past few years as an ideal educational tool to do just this.
Education systems that systematically sort students into winners and losers based on narrow definitions of achievement contribute to an ever-worsening divide between social groups; this is exacerbated when those lines fall closely along ethnic divides.
So what motivates me as an educator to write about toys? As teacher of media and tech, I have been interested in ways to teach students computational thinking. This year was the first time I found a toy that helps do just that.
Interesting parenting debate today, Saturday, November 8. Me, mother of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki
In my thirty years as a teacher, one thing I learned is that everyone -- policymakers, administrators, parents, philanthropists -- are looking for the magic key to improving education.
Just click on this link to make a difference. 2012 promises to be even more exciting and fulfilling. They will bring you
One of the best ways to see what is happening in education is with documentaries and videos and one of the best creators of these documentaries is outstanding education reporter John Merrow on Learning Matters.
This isn't a fully-formed blog post per se, but I would like to draw your attention to an editorial I co-authored in last
Unless the American education system changes course quickly to integrate literacy and digital culture into our current educational paradigm, academic achievement gains will continue to stagnate.