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Indeed, 10 years ago, HuffPost was a sketchy proposition. And that's why HuffPost Weird News is celebrating our website's
“I would happily smoke a joint with any president,” the artist said. “Any president that’s not an evil dictator or runs a
Etch-a-Sketch artist, Bryan Madden, recreate iconic Obama image
Escher-Sketch (Via Rubik's Cube (Via Deviantart: Pikajane) The Wizard of Oz (Via Guernica
Using only two knobs and one line, Jane lets her imagination run wild. Posting her illustrations on deviantART, her work
Artists always seem to want to show that they're capable of something new and different. From trash to food, anything is
The most creative art can come from the most unexpected places -- in this case, a toy. A number of contemporary artists proves