Henry Ford always believed that autos could and would run on hemp ethanol.
The farmers are only trying to do their best for their families given the current situation. But those misguided government
As a former soldier, as well as a father and husband of other soldiers, there is much I appreciate about the military. But, perhaps one of the things I appreciate about it most, recently, is its commitment to leading the way on energy efficiency, and combatting climate change.
Behind every sip of beer you drink, there are millions of years of evolution at work. Research into 70 million years of primate evolution indicates that our ancestors evolved a markedly enhanced ability to metabolize or break down ethanol 10 million years ago. Who knew they had happy hours back then?
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Tuesday at the 10th annual Iowa Renewable Fuels conference that he supports the notion to maintain the standard, a declaration that must have boded well with many citizens of a state with 41 corn ethanol plants in attendance.
The continuing political drama has brought us many surprises but perhaps nothing compares in my book to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) taking on the ethanol lobby in Iowa.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has been forced to clarify his stance on ethanol, an important industry in Iowa, as he crisscrosses the state less than one month before its first-in-nation presidential caucuses.
The state's corn lobby and voters have pushed the candidate to clarify his stance on ethanol.
Climate change is telling us to stop pitching pollution into the atmosphere--in much the same way that the bubonic plague taught our ancestors to stop dumping filth into the streets in the Middle Ages. We listened then, but not now.
More renewable fuels are good news for farm country. But ethanol critics say the levels are too high.
How can we strike a balance in achieving food security and nutrition for the poor (who are often rural farmers in developing countries), while supporting innovation for alternative fuels?
Energy sources must be closely examined and their impacts on both the environment and communities accurately assessed. The world, and its most vulnerable people, cannot afford anything less.
It's clear why politicians in Congress continue to defend corn ethanol: They want to support from corn-growing constituents. The question is why the Obama Administration would choose corn growers over environmentalists, consumers, and even the pollinators they claim to want to protect.
Under the Renewable Fuel Standard, refiners are expected to include a certain amount of biofuels in gasoline and diesel fuels
In the seventh year of his presidency, Barack Obama is being forced to defend himself against the unusual charge that he's not progressive -- or at least not progressive enough. Forget that in the past critics have called him a socialist.
On this fifth anniversary week of the disastrous BP oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico, it becomes clearer and clearer that oil spills are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to damage the oil industry is doing to our one and only planet.
Eric Woolsen, a spokesman for the summit, insisted that no background research was done to determine the political affiliations
Now Big Coal is going to want their cookie and it's not like they don't have the money to push for it. While it's not exactly