ethical fashion

“It is absolutely possible to build a profitable and sustainable and responsible ― ethically and socially ― fashion company."
Have you ever considered where your clothing comes from? No, not the brand name, but the workers who stitched together your
My sense of style in my personal look is the fusion of my two worlds. I like to buy clothes of underground designers because
Julie's buyer experience in the textile industry frequently traveling to the world's garment manufacturing hubs, involved
I am tired. I am tired of being exploited, of witnessing the exploitation of others around me, and of feeling like I have
First World Privilege Leave your politics at the door and let’s discuss things on a purely human level. There is no doubt
Pathway To Purpose is a new blog series geared towards exploring why employees are putting a greater value on purpose in
I was in a meeting yesterday and the group I was talking with told me all these reasons why it is going to be hard and I
In the villages outside of Jaipur, India, the centuries old craft of hand block printing is making a comeback.
Based on popular demand, I am launching a weekly blog "I Am Free," highlighting one product every Friday. I will share a product I HEART from the human rights lens and describe the WHY behind the product.
You can also look for apparel brands that are creating alternatives and stay away from the big chain stores like H&M, Forever
Transparency is one of the cornerstones of ethical fashion -- it's the only way we can know how people and the environment were treated in the production of our clothes.
How do you deal with your inner naysayer? {Lecat} When I am afraid of something or unsure of what to do, I share my doubts
Often children are in labor to support their family after a parent's death, or in response to poverty or sickness. Families