ethical travel

After witnessing the tragic plastic problem in Bali, I suddenly became hyper aware of the various bad behaviors tourists tend to unwittingly exhibit. Think you might be guilty of a bad habit or two?
While traveling internationally is a bucket-list item for most of us, it comes at a huge cost that is more than just dollars out of your pocket.
The issue is very controversial and one major result is that I am hearing more and more people advocating a boycott on travel to Zimbabwe. Before taking a stand on the issue, I decided to speak with some of my contacts in Zimbabwe.
Here are a few simple ideas anybody can adopt to help make the world a better place while traveling around it.
6. Latvia Fun fact: Latvia is one of the only countries in the world where natural ecosystems and forests still comprise
Riding an elephant in Thailand is a direct contribution to a heinous cycle of abuse which occurs throughout the country. Those who pay money for this experience are effectively making a financial vote in support of this exploitation.
Can travel make us better people? Can it make the world a better place? Is it possible to make a positive contribution to