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Maybe our bodies or tastes are telling us something. Maybe they're showing us the way that we can learn from each other to everyone's benefit. Maybe our palates should lead the way on immigration policy--welcoming newcomers from around the globe will continue to enrich our culinary options. Weight Watchers beware!
Photo source: Gotham Gazette These days, it is impossible to tune out the heated debates and the raging controversies that
Only a smattering of efforts nationwide have successfully elevated Indian cuisine to its rightful stature as a complex, technically sound, old-world, and frankly, world-class genre.
Almost all packaged processed foods that cannot be eaten straight out of the box or pouch come with detailed instructions
I looked forward to my first visit to Mississippi. During decades of travel across the USA, I have covered much of the South, but had not wandered through or made any forays into the great State of Mississippi.
What could better whet a hankering for authentic ethnic foods than a Greek-owned operation born in Chicago's own melting pot, the Southwest Side and suburbs thereabout?
There are many Vietnamese dishes that are just as delicious and flavorful as pho and bahn mi.
America has a storied history of taking the cuisines of other cultures and incorporating elements of them into its own... usually after deep-frying them.
MKUSA recently had a food tasting with Chef Christina showcasing the ingredients that make up Malaysian cuisine, which is
While every city might have a Little China, you'd be in Big Trouble if you assert that they're all created equal.
No Indian dining experience can be complete without a real biryani (rice with meat or vegetables and spices) and this is where MMD truly excels.
America created the meat and dairy-based diet that is making us all sick and fat.
Is the growth and presence of both populations influencing the culinary landscape in America?
I love me some pad thai and fried rice -- they just aren't things that are usually at the top of my from-scratch cooking list.
Indian restaurants have come a long way from the mid-1960s, when the first significant wave of immigrants arrived.
Yes, we've been embarrassed by matzah, tacos, cake, steak tartare and marinara. You?
Even if we don't always remember the history behind the Colosseum or who built Machu Picchu, we always remember the food.
This cake is no-bake, a great advantage during warm months.