Ethnic Holidays

Australia Day, which is celebrated on Jan. 26, is a controversial date, particularly for many indigenous people who view it as a marker for colonialism.
This traditional Jewish dish is made from egg noodles baked in a creamy custard. You’ll love the thick and crunchy cinnamon
Trudeau used an Arabic greeting to commemorate the South Asian holiday.
Organizers say the event celebrates light over darkness to promote "love and harmony in a society that feels extremely divided at this moment.”
The Johnson family reminds America why everyone should recognize the contributions of black Americans.
A cornerstone of the Trump administration’s approach to Israeli-Palestinian peace, involving a restructuring of relations
The call exposed a fissure within the American Jewish community on how to approach relations with the White House.
The model's mother posted a group selfie to celebrate the Muslim holiday.
This year, CAIR urged U.S. Muslims to donate their Eid sacrifice equivalent to Harvey relief.
Other major cities, including Seattle and Denver, have passed similar ordinances.
Giving thanks to the Earth is as important as ever.
Children often have profound questions about the identities the inherit. Here's how to help provide answers.