ethnic studies

The Republican-dominated board embraced ethnic studies after a five-year campaign by educators and activists.
Latino students must know about their history to push back against the narratives that limit them.
The permanent injunction follows a two-week bench trial that found Republican-backed ethnic studies restrictions unconstitutional.
Arizona Republicans accused teachers of stoking racial discord. But the law they passed in response may violate the Constitution.
It’s part of a “lifelong crusade against racism,” Tom Horne testified Tuesday.
The error-laden textbook left school authorities mystified.
The modest bill may play an outsized role in expanding the field.
Students enrolled in Linked Learning earn on average 6.9 more credits in the 10th grade than peers who are enrolled in regular
We still need Ethnic Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies because race, gender, and sexuality are still important facets of human experience that give shape to the ways we are in the world.
The collection on display represented all manner of iconic holiday images -- most with an African-American theme with American patriotic accents -- punctuating spaces around the room. President Obama was even represented on a glass tree ornament on a small tree.