eu bailout

While EU leaders celebrate a new deal, Greece's citizens ready for yet another round of cuts.
Austria is the only one of the EU's 27 member states unwilling to sign up to EU rules on the automatic exchange of depositor
Facing elections as soon as April, Greece's party leaders have been loath to accept the lenders' tough conditions, which
Let's get something straight, even the slobbering love-affair the Europeans had with Obama is drawing to a close. Even they, who wanted Obama to be President so badly, now know he has few, if any answers.
Responding to anger in some countries that were not invited to Friday's talks, a German Finance Ministry spokesman insisted
"Right now, Greece is holding talks on extending repayment of the EU/IMF bailout loan modeled after Ireland. This is the
But the nub of the crisis is this: "We have decided to socialize the private losses of the banking system. Now you have a
But the deal failed to lift markets, the euro falling to two-month lows against the dollar as investors focused the debts
May 12 (Bloomberg) -- Investor Jim Rogers said Europe's bailout of indebted nations to overcome the sovereign-debt crisis