2015 is coming to a close - whether we are ready or not; whether we like it or not. I am not ready, and I wish I had a few more weeks, but here are a few reflections to ponder: what worked and what could possibly change?
Apres-SkiAfter a day of jetting down the slopes, visitors of Willamette Pass Resort can relax in the Summit House Lounge
For more than a decade, retired Americans that are flocking to the culture and arts scenes and state-of-the-art medical facilities
Bowerman also had a historic run as a collegiate coach; in his 24 years at the University of Oregon, most of which occurred
Fri-Jos And Other Sweet TreatsNo county fair experience is complete without food, and the Lane County Fair offers plenty
Mobile homelessness may be the fastest growing poverty demographic in America today.
We understand Congress is addicted to the military dollars spent in every Congressional district, but an economy built on death and destruction does not create a thriving community.