eunice kennedy shriver

Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded the games in 1968, inspired by her sister.
I've made a practice of gleaning wisdom and support from women I admire. Because my mom was not the "in your corner" type, I learned to do this at a young age. Growing up under her tutelage forced me to figure out ways to get my need for nurturing met.
"It's okay to feel beautiful. It's okay to walk in your femininity. That's a great thing. Not at the expense of your mind, but you can do both."
For decades, the media has focused on the Kennedy family's shame about Rosemary. It was alluded to in the article and in so many articles and television shows about her life. I would like to help refocus Rosemary's story into an impactful one that helped so many future babies, children and adults.
Fun and soul are way more related than you think.
Good News
When the founders of our nation landed on the shores of Cape Cod, it was with the pursuit of religious freedom. All the other truths we've fought for since that time, stemmed from this same quest.
Imagine now, if you will, a world where people with intellectual disabilities lead the way, teaching us all that winning is often just about playing and that a smile and a hug never lose.
We marvel at the courage, determination and sportsmanship when so many talented individuals work their hardest and push themselves to do their very best.
Now is the time to take stock and see where you are lacking strength in the four areas and focus in on shoring up those aspects you've neglected.
Along with never having broadcast a basketball game, I had never been to a Special Olympics before. I'm not sure how I missed the Special Olympics.
From WJZ-TV in Baltimore where she became fast friends with work colleague Oprah Winfrey to the CBS Morning News to anchoring, producing and reporting for NBC News, Maria proved herself again and again as someone who works hard and with a conscience. And why not?
San Francisco
The event is the largest one-day fundraiser conducted by Best Buddies; in nine years, the Best Buddies Challenge has raised over $35 million dollars through healthy competition between fundraising teams.
Anthony Shriver founded Best Buddies to give people with IDD the opportunity to be socially integrated. The organization
Get out and play tomorrow. Volunteer, coach someone, referee, cheer or do anything else that includes people with intellectual disabilities. My mother believed that, by doing so, our nation would be a better place and indeed the entire world would be a better place for everyone.
As Obama noted in his speech Thursday night at Kennedy Center, "The world is very different now than it was in 1961." And
"Fear of the unknown is not in our vocabulary in Chicago," Mayor Richard M. Daley told a group of several hundred at the annual Special Olympics benefit