Actress Felicia Day wrote an adorkable book about gaming.
Summertime is unofficially here, and that means it's time to explore the great outdoors.
Some call it the Eureka Moment. Oprah calls it the Aha Moment. Whatever you call it, you'll know it when it happens. It is that moment when, after pondering a dilemma, the solution appears clear and in focus.
Jump in the Stream...let yourself go...and keep a towel handy for the run.... Archimedes and his run were much in my mind
As I continue contemplating the dizzying number of shows that I previewed at both, I find that one of the few that I continue to think about on an ongoing basis and one of the very few that I cannot wait to see is Syfy's Ascension.
8. Life Cracks Open: When you undergo a "mirror" epiphany. Even at 42.7 years, it happens. Someone points out something amazing
Take time, go slow and fully answer these questions. IMPORTANT -- As you complete these questions, notice what comes up first
You may recognize Kavan Smith as Major Evan Lorne in the Stargate series and Deputy Andy in Eureka. Now, Kavan plays Tom Travis, a devoted father and dedicated high school teacher in the new crime drama series Rogue by DirecTV.
If ideas are the seeds of innovation, idea management is the formalization of the processes involved in gathering, sharing, analyzing and executing the ideas generated within an organization and its collaborative networks.
At the 2012 Imagine Cup, students from across the globe have developed and presented a whole range of technology-based solutions to the world's problems.
Though many shows have signed off for the summer, TV is still heating up with new series and returning ones to keep us entertained
Eureka‘s co-creator Jaime Paglia and stars Colin Ferguson and Neil Grayston promised the show’s final episode will deliver
Meanwhile, the series premiere of "Veep," starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, kicks off on Sunday on HBO. The series follows vice
Walter took the job mainly because Glade's lawyer, played by Salli Richardson-Whitfield ("Eureka"), has some history with
Nevada has its fair share of wonderfully preserved ghost towns. These desolate landscapes and dilapidated buildings provide wonderful subjects for photographers as well.
Drew Guise, a 13-year-old from Eureka, will participate in the fifth annual Tourette Syndrome (TS) Youth Ambassador Training
Bobbing for apples is one of the silliest games played by humans, and I won't glorify it by describing its rules (if any) here. But it does raise the compelling scientific question, "Why do some fruits float and others don't?"
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Buffets And Grills Silver Dollar City features a variety of buffets, concessions and grills scattered throughout the park