Q. But isn't it better to have only one view and avoid error and discord? "A philosophy or theology that purports to make
The Hellenic Education and Language Program is a not-for-profit, community-based initiative of the Hellenic diaspora of America
A question does come to mind about an enterprise that has evidently made top European grades and, for one stop, has played
When Doerries puts on a show, a Greek chorus from the heavens sings praise of the scale of his ambition, and well, yes... hubris. He has taken the very same Greek dramatists that have inspired the culture wars and the politics of identity, and redeployed them in the service of public health.
Much of science, medicine, mathematics, theater, music and art come to us from ancient Greece, representing the highest of human virtues. This fascinating world of Gods, majestic temples, and stunning antiquities will be the experience of a lifetime.
Even before William Shakespeare's so-called "problem play" Measure for Measure gets properly underway at the Globe, director Dominic Dromgoole has loosed on the audience what looks and sounds like a musical 16th-century orgy attended by various bawds and Lords (Lawds?).
At the last Abu Dhabi Film Festival -- and I mean last in every way since the eighth edition of this beloved cinematic bridge across cultures turned out to be its swan song -- one film quietly grabbed my imagination.
It was magical, under the stars in the open-air temple of Bacchus. The magazine quoted the festival's executive committee
With a scorching Leontyne Mbele-Mbong in the title role and compelling direction by Dawn Monique Williams, this fresh Medea bridges the centuries in its visual style, language and impact.
If we give up our rights to peaceably gather, protest and to question the motives of our elected officials under the cowardly fear of being labeled unpatriotic, then clearly, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, we deserve neither liberty nor safety.
History still stares us in the face, waiting for us to recognize the lessons it, and the repetition of our mistakes, are attempting to teach us. Will we choose another way?
"It's really fiction, but I had somebody who didn't believe me even when I told them that. They were like, 'no, I read about this.' The fact that people think it's true adds another level -- it heightens the storytelling."
With its spectacular performances as well as from the many "War is..." issues it raises, Trojan Barbie leaves you breathless. But it also leaves you with another, unfortunate message as well: War is confusing.
"My whole body was overwhelmed with persistent fatigue and decrepitude. My ability to study was clouded. My memory deteriorated
2008-03-13-front.jpg If you are a woman, and are seeking troop strength about how to be a survivor in a world filled with powerful, demanding, or devious men, there is no better place to go than the opera.