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Sam Brownback complained about how the anti-immigrant campaigner was being treated.
"We cannot leave patriotism to the nationalists. ... And we cannot leave emotions to populist demagogues," says Elif Shafak.
The Central European country's right-wing extremism is winning over youths with its charm.
Even Europe's anti-immigration, populist parties have rejected his views.
Populist politicians have called for closed borders following last week's tragedy.
While bombers and aircraft carriers need to do their stuff, the problem of terrorist-related violence will not be solved by force alone. President Hollande must also engage with his alienated Muslim community with the same determination he has shown in attacking ISIS and win them over.
Given the EU's fundamental interconnectedness -- in economic, financial, geopolitical and social terms -- the disruptive impact of each shock would amplify the others, overwhelming the region's circuit breakers, leading to recession, reviving financial instability and creating pockets of social tension. This would increase already high unemployment, expose excessive financial risk-taking, embolden Russia and strengthen populist movements further, thereby impeding comprehensive policy responses.
History: Founded in 1995, the Danish People's Party (DPP) has become a prominent feature of Denmark's political landscape