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"Europe is declaring war on smugglers" the EU's top migration official said last month. As the Mediterranean fills with boats and the bodies of migrants from Africa and the Arab world, it is inopportune language like this underlines how grave a situation we find ourselves in and how far away a humane solution seems.
The thawing -- or re-humanizing -- of Ahmedu as we got to know each other was a testament to the power of the human spirit. Yet, to too many in the West a young man like Ahmedu represents an Islamic threat in which Muslims are hell-bent on re-conquering parts of Europe to impose an Islamic caliphate. As for the argument that immigrants simply mean more recruits for terrorists, not once did Ahmedu mention words like sharia or jihad. But for the right-wing movements growing exponentially across Europe, this would not matter.
Journalist and blogger Michael Sean Winters joins HuffPost Live to provide clarity as to whether the Pope's peace summit in the Middle East is a political play or not.
The extraordinarily restrictive immigration policies of rich countries are motivated in part by xenophobia, and in some cases by simple racism. But those policies are also the result of faulty economic thinking.
Around the world, as long as people keep moving, politicians will continue to talk breathlessly about the immigration "crisis."
Thousands of panicked Libyans are heading across the Mediterranean. But what happens once these desperate visitors are released in places like Malta in the midst of anti-immigrant fervor?