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Fifty-three corpses of people fleeing violence and poverty were found on a single day last week.
"Refugees are just looking to live their lives as normally as possible."
At least 3,770 people are thought to have died on Mediterranean routes last year.
"We're talking about Europe's refugee shame."
"If you try to run they shoot you and you die. If you stop working, they beat you. It was just like the slave trade."
Some 1,370 migrants and refugees have drowned this year, 25 percent fewer than the same period in 2015.
Refugees who arrived in Europe last year could repay spending on them almost twice over within just five years, according
The EU and Turkey entered into an agreement last month to clamp down on arrivals into Greece.
German intelligence officials say Islamic State may have sent fighters on this route to Europe in order to fan fears about refugees.
"I am still doing marketing now but without profit. My profit is emotional."