europe terrorism

BRUSSELS -- Today, just over a week after the horrific attacks on this city, people are still saddened by what happened. Many, according to witnesses, are worried about the future of the country and terrorist networks that exist in Brussels. Many wonder if this type of attack will happen again. I think it will. As long as the terror networks continue to exist, we will continue to be worried about the future of Europe and bombings in other cities.
If we are at war, who is the enemy? Where is the front? Who are the members of the opposing army? If the European democracies have to fight to survive, where must that battle be fought?
We can't just follow our guts and denounce the barbarity of the other. We must demand of our brains that we acknowledge a little bit of our own barbarity in order to emerge from the deadly impasse that faces us.
"This is not and should not become an issue, because there's lots still to do, there's other people that we need to track
The attack in Paris has presented a much more important problem -- while we continue to discuss the nature of this ongoing conflict, the conflict has come to us. And it has found us unprepared.
To be anti-barbarian in our time is to say "no" unconditionally to fanaticism -- not as tyrants or "avenging angels" who are intolerant in our own turn -- but by engaging in meaningful dialogue with anti-fanatic believers. Civilization is the cry of humanity in the face of barbarism.