European Court of Human Rights

The child's parents had been seeking an experimental therapy that courts had refused.
Women who repeatedly violate the ban can face jail time.
Charlie Gard is set to be taken off life support after a lengthy court battle.
Moscow officials, however, have vowed to appeal the ruling.
None of this is good. 1. Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first African-American woman on New York’s highest court, has been found
The court determined the killer has "not been, subjected to torture or inhuman or degrading treatment.”
Mandatory school activities overrode religious convictions.
No outsiders shall judge Russia's actions.
Rather than be source of creating false barriers between the U.S. and BiH, we must move beyond the Dayton Accords, regardless of how we judge it historically, to the next level of advancement of shared strategic interests and political values.
She won a ruling last June for doctors to effectively end her husband's life and Lambert's medical team was set to turn off