European football

As someone who loved soccer and passed their teenage years in the seventies, Johan Cruyff was always a hero of mine. He redefined football; he made it beautiful, and he left a lasting legacy which can be seen at Ajax Amsterdam and Barcelona.
Demirbay had to pick up a whistle and head to the local park, refereeing girls' youth teams.
Political movements carry an importance that is independent of sport, however much sport happens to entangle itself in those movements; and merely because it is predictable that this occurs does not necessarily make it acceptable.
When I first started going to matches, it was very rare to know anything about the owners or chairmen of football clubs, the majority being long-serving aldermen, trusted accountants, and justices of the peace -- pillars of the local community with lots of professional initials after their names.
Barcelona's breathtaking football made Guardiola the most coveted coach in European football, so why did he chose Bayern rather than a club in the English Premier League?
People keep mentioning the la liga and the PL, but in truth both leagues are painfully noncompetitive. Year after year, it's
The fact is, soccer never caught on in the United States -- it failed to capture the hearts of Americans like it captured the hearts of the majority of people throughout the rest of the world.
Here are a few key concepts about this Spanish team that most commentators - at least English pundits - don't seem to understand
At Euro 2012 it isn't just the game that is beautiful. The quadrennial tournament not only features many of the most talented
2012-06-18-carlos.jpgHis name is Carlos, he is Portuguese, he has a van, and he is awesome.
2012-06-07-imagepull.jpgAs I was told over and over again by Polish fans, the Russians believe they are superior. As we started our day in the friendly confines of the Fan Zone, under the watchful eye of the Palace of Culture, I could sense something different in the air.
2012-06-07-imagepull.jpgUpon my arrival into Gdowntown Gdansk ahead of the Spain-Italy game, the city was awash with fans singing, dancing, blowing horns, and proudly wearing the colors of their respective countries. So, like anyone would do in this situation, I took advantage of the festive mood by asking for free hugs and free hugs is what I received!
You are such a big fan that the thought of opening your mouth or taking your concentration off the game makes you feel nauseous. They will respect this level of concentration.
2012-06-07-imagepull.jpgUpon our arrival to the beautiful and amber-colored PGE Arena, we went to Spain's press conference and then their day-before-the-game training and it was incredible!
2012-06-07-imagepull.jpgThe opening game of Euro 2012 between Poland and Greece finally arrived and I enjoyed every single moment of it.
2012-06-07-imagepull.jpgIt's been a whirlwind of seeing the sights and meeting a lot of nice and interesting people but now it's time for the games to start!