European integration

Wary German voters and Catalan separatists are foiling the French vision of shared sovereignty.
Macron and Merkel must figure out a common way forward in order to combat the momentum of the far right.
France’s transformation under Macron will push the Germans to change as well.
Macron, who wants to deregulate the economy and deepen EU integration, has a 23-26 percentage point lead over Le Pen in the opinion polls.
Richard Maher, European University Institute The results of one of the most divisive and unpredictable presidential contests
On June 3, 2016, Gabor Vonsayas, the leader of Hungarian far-right party Jobbik, announced that he no longer supported Hungary’s
The European Union should be meritocratic at the top and democratic at the bottom.
Gabriele Suder, University of Melbourne On 25 March 2017, the European Union’s heads of state and government will meet in
Many Americans do not seem disturbed at the prospect of nations, including the U.S., going it alone.
By Corey Cooper A modern strain of populism is currently metastasizing across the European Union, threatening to turn political
David Wemer received an MA in European Union Politics from the London School of Economics and is the Washington D.C. Program
Even more spectacular are the repeated attempts of the EU to resist such inflows. Not only have they shown the clear lack