european migrant crisis

Those missing off the coast of Libya include 10 women and two children, including a two-month-old baby.
One in 18 migrants trying to reach Europe by sea died or went missing this year -- more than double the rate last year, per a report from the U.N. refugee agency.
Viktor Orban has led the anti-migrant shift that now threatens to fracture the European Union.
But populist parties excel at stoking fears that aren't necessarily connected to reality.
Many in the country can no longer stomach her open-door policy towards migrants and refugees, even as people keep trying to reach Europe.
The warm blanket of a return to days gone by feels good to many.
They want European leaders to step in as Turkey pushes for an EU bid.
This is the tale of Saeed Othman Mohammed.
“Americans are a generous and compassionate people,” he said. “But today our policies are falling short of those values.”