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Jozsef Szajer stepped down this week after acknowledging he'd participated in a Belgian "lockdown party" which two dozen men reportedly also attended.
The president once suggested British politician Nigel Farage should be Britain's ambassador to the U.S.
Salvini's League party was a big winner in the European Parliament elections, as he eyes an alliance of nationalists across the continent.
Ultra-nationalists fell short of a blowout in European Parliament elections and voters signaled they don't want to end the European Union.
The oil giant's refusal to answer European lawmakers' questions could result in a loss of lobbying access.
Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini want to see a populist majority in the European Parliament.
There’s little evidence for the bombastic former Trump adviser's claim that he can dominate next year’s European Parliament elections.
The former Trump adviser is gunning for a populist takeover.
He was warned he might be "the genius that created a digital monster that is destroying our democracies."
Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed on Monday when a powerful bomb blew up her car.
Macron and Merkel must figure out a common way forward in order to combat the momentum of the far right.
Britain's negotiations with the European Union are off to a rocky start.
An age-old tactic Targeting funding is becoming an increasingly widely used tactic to restrict civil society. The International
A charming woman with a fiery spirit, Fontaine pulls no punches when speaking about the shortcomings of the European Union.
Scholars reported discrimination, abuse and misleading rhetoric in 27 countries.
The European Union should be meritocratic at the top and democratic at the bottom.
People shouldn’t settle for delegation; they should be able to choose participation.