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Visitors from Europe and other countries have been barred from entry to the U.S. for more than a year, a reality that press secretary Jen Psaki said will continue.
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2. The Hike We're making our way to Corsica through July. First stop: Iceland. Settling into Reykjavik, the country's capital
  3. Zurich, Switzerland Photo: FREITAG Store Zürich by: Rosmarie Voegtli flickr - Courtesy: Zurich is slowly making
Lev Raphael is the author of 25 books in genres from memoir to mystery and you can find them on Amazon, including the German
I love how Europeans embrace their culture with such expertise, passion, and abandon.
You have your heart set on a European vacation, but now you have to decide where to go. With endless options, it's hard to pick just one city or country. Where you go should reflect what you want to do there, so here are 11 different options tailored to 11 different kinds of travelers. Some of the choices may surprise you!
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