Eurovision Song Contest

Officials cited the presence of drag queen Conchita Wurst in their criticisms of the show.
The world’s largest non-sporting television event is headed your way!
Bulgaria is sending their best entry ever to Eurovision. This entry should easily finish in the top 3. And it could win. Ethnic
Thereafter the 43 acts and their delegation head to Stockholm City Hall and the Blue Hall, where the official opening ceremony
"It is regrettable that we are forced to take this action. We are disappointed that all our attempts to resolve this matter
Next I asked when does a song become too political. He first pointed out that what is political is always a subjective decision
Last year Ukraine skipped Eurovision because of their conflict with Russia. This year they are back with a vengeance not only entering an incredible song, but also a powerful political statement about Russia's deportation of the Tatars from Crimea.
I would like to see the U.S. competing in the world's most popular song contest. However, adding Australia permanently would
We're past 50% with 23 of the acts coming to Eurovision announced. And this year is lining up to be even more extraordinary than last year. Some of the acts look incredible, and this is before they spend the next 3 months improving their presentation.
And finally, in 1970 Eurovision introduced the world to Julio Iglesias as he represented his native Spain with an incredible