If your goodbye was even a tiny bit as hard as ours, you deserve an update on how his life turned out.
There was my own mother, who lingered in her final illness. I asked God to spare her, but her trial continued. And yet she
It was a difficult and challenging year, especially seen through the lens of sexual health. It was a year in which politics came close to displacing sexual politics as the most-talked about topic on therapist couches.
Nothing indicates the horror of Montreal's pit bull ban better than this: PETA's mealy-mouthed congratulations.
It's open season on Mexican-Americans, whether you're a bigot running for president, or an "animal rights" organization fighting for its right to kill pets.
Rules adopted in 2014 allow euthanasia for Belgians of all ages.
In this case I'm rooting for Brutus in memory of my friend Nate. It's not their time to be together quite yet. May Brutus live a long life in the fields barking his heart out. May he be born free.
If approved, Colorado would join California, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Vermont as states that allow some form of physician-assisted suicide.
Years ago, I wrote a previous Huffington Post blog about saying good-bye to a pet. While writing this piece, I remember I
To the extent she can, Dr. Clare Scott tries to win over the hospital: Me Before You - A Life-Enhancing Presence, a Life
The legislation allows medically-assisted death for terminally-ill adults facing intolerable physical or psychological suffering.
Please, wish us well for another remarkable week! ...Beverly, pictured here, is a 6 year old Yellow lab mix diagnosed by
Twenty years ago, no one in the United States could claim a right to "physician aid in dying" (also called "physician-assisted suicide"). Today, more than 52 million Americans can.
There is no other topic that leads to heated discussion as the topic of kill versus no kill shelters. But many people are not familiar with the differences in these types of shelters because sometimes the status of a shelter can be misleading.To understand the differences in these shelters, it is important to learn what they are.
But, like Dr. Brewerton says, mental illness, including PTSD, is treatable. A good first step in healing from posttraumatic