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Marcie Begleiter's Eva Hesse has been held over at Film Forum and it's significant that audiences have been so drawn to the
'I am willing to walk on the edge,' says Eva Hesse in a new film biography. Her work became everything to her when her personal life was in something of a free fall. Like other artists who die well before their time, there is a bit of mystery and sadness about her which only adds to the legend.
While Iwan Wirth describes the heart of the Hauser & Wirth enterprise as "a family business," it's no denying the gallery has considerable resources at its disposal.
Revolution in the Making. Photo by EMS. HSW comes complete with an on-site bookshop called Artbook, a cafe restaurant called
"Do more, more nonsensical, more crazy, more machines. Makes them abound with nonsense." -Sol LeWitt
While we can't change history, we can look back and recognize the immense talent of some of the best artists to take pen
What do expressionist painter Marc Chagall, surrealist photographer Diane Arbus and tech-happy sculptor Jon Kessler have
WHAT: Hesse, a Jewish artist who escaped from Nazi Germany as a child, is known for her post-minimalist tactile forms made
I have a dear friend in LA who is a landscape designer or, less fancily, a gardener. She has the bizarre ability to give
The art world can be a fickle beast. A young artist may find themselves rapidly ascending to the top only to feel the sting
Summer is clearly the time for group shows and none I saw came with the weighty hand a curator sometimes imposes.
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On a personal level, I want to say "thank God" that the year 2010 is coming to an end, but artistically speaking it was definitely a year to remember.
HuffPost Arts' Haiku Reviews is a new weekly feature where invited critics review exhibitions and performances in short form
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Victoria Bartlett's designs have a quiet subtlety and like the clothes themselves, an asymmetric view of the world that challenges conventional standards of what is sexy especially in regard to undergarments.
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