evan mcmullin

The time for broader representation in government is right now.
Coming into the 2016 presidential cycle, the Democratic Party was shockingly blind to the historical reasons for its prior
The Trumpist assault on Mormons appears to be motivated by the success of Evan McMullin, a Mormon former CIA agent running a surprisingly strong campaign to beat both Trump and Hillary Clinton in Utah.
The former CIA operative sits down with host Alyona Minkovski in Utah, where he hopes to win its six electoral votes, which could jeopardize Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's 270 votes needed to win the presidency.
Mormon values stress the importance of supporting families, access to education, and an emphasis on hard work. McMullin has no major political positions that will actually improve upon the values that Mormons hold so dearly.
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It’s been an unusual election year, to say the least, hasn’t it? American politicians have not always been known for gentle
“If Hillary and Bernie had sex and someone watched it, it would be Dr. Jill Stein.”
The former House GOP aide may peel off just enough Trump voters.
Evan McMullin is that breath of fresh air the voters have been seeking. And no matter what, he cannot win the Presidency