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Ashley Morgan Smithline claims the 52-year-old abused her over the course of a nearly three-year on-and-off relationship.
Word of the investigation came less than three weeks after actor Evan Rachel Wood publicly accused the rocker of sexual and other physical abuse.
At least 11 women have come forward accusing musician Marilyn Manson of abuse, prompting state senators from California and New York to call on the Department of Justice to investigate the accusations.
The "Aquaman" actor has repeatedly accused one of Manson's good friends, Johnny Depp, of domestic violence.
The 26-year-old tweeted that she thought the reference to a room in the shock rocker's house was "just his horrible frat-boy sense of humor."
At least 15 women, including actor Evan Rachel Wood, have made accusations against the rocker that include sexual assault and psychological abuse.
The "Charmed" actor accused "Hollywood cult leaders" of enabling his alleged abuse.
At least seven women, including actor Evan Rachel Wood, have said they were abused by the rocker.
Loma Vista Recordings will no longer work with Manson or promote his music following Evan Rachel Wood's abuse and sexual assault accusations.
Three years before the actor named rocker Marilyn Manson as her abuser, she testified about the psychological and physical abuse she faced.