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The "Westworld" actress and domestic abuse survivor criticized the fictional police chief and started a charged dialogue.
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They say that "One Thousand Paper Cranes" shouldn't need a white person to help tell the story of people of color.
The "Westworld" actress tweeted #IAmNotOK and told fans she had been “desperate to stop the abuse” but “too terrified to leave.”
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Stars stood with Colin Kaepernick and denounced Brett Kavanaugh.
The "Westworld" actress and Nobel Peace Prize nominee also wore ribbons to support the ACLU.
"I thought, you want equal opportunity for women? That also means in this way: looking at the dark side," Wood says of her role, written for a man.
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Actress Evan Rachel Wood testified before Congress about her harrowing experience of sexual abuse.
The actress testified as part of a push to get more states to adopt the federal Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights Act.
Introvert’s paradise or the setting of a confusing Darren Aronofsky horror movie (starring—we want to say—Evan Rachel Wood)? You decide.
The actor's 20-year-old comment is causing controversy in 2017.
"A certain TV show is starting again very soon.... 👗🐎🌵," wrote Evan Rachel Wood.
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"I see you -- you see me. We aren't so different."
See the movie trailer for Across the Universe that includes a snippet of Dana Fuchs singing "Helter Skelter": Why don't we