Eve Ensler

"The Vagina Monologues" playwright imagines a letter from her father in her new book, "The Apology."
Why is the onus always on the women to share their stories?
The Vagina Monologues author discussed the need for resistance.
"In a rape culture, everything that’s done is backed up with state violence on one level or another [...] And I think we have to model the opposite of that."
In the next Thanksgiving Dinner, a daughter shows up at the table with a Muslim boyfriend... Huh, I thought watching. The
A group in Kathmandu shared experiences about intimacy, sex and relationships. They realized they had to take this journey further and talk about the fundamentally gender-insensitive and often misogynistic treatment so many of them had been subjected to.
In The Revenant, Hardy is a villain, more so because in the act of affecting a me-first ethos, he goes against DiCaprio's appealing sense of family and love. Even his Golden Globe acceptance speech exuded his values in the earth.
Dones was one of three formerly incarcerated women cast alongside actresses and activists to perform this past Wednesday
Turning today's ageist culture on its head, Dr. Christiane Northrup offers a new portal of understanding of what it means to move through time and space without declining in health or joy.
Students are seen as fragile flowers who must be protected from views that might offend them. This is an assault on learning, and those of us who are not professional victims need to fight it.