This week I talked with actor Bruce Randolph Nelson about starring in M. Butterfly at Baltimore’s Everyman Theatre now through
Did history begin anew last November 8th?
Contrite beyond words for having gone your own way, you resolve to become an example to others. You shall follow the ancient
We left at close to midnight. I was exhilarated and exhausted -- it was a huge day in my life -- and Haskell was tired but glowing. This is what he did, filming stories that he cared about.
The ensuing dialogue is like intellectual groping, quintessential LaBute, as the characters Doug and Beth go from philosophizing about their night together to deciding what to do about it in a mere 70 minutes.
What you do to pull me through the reaction, the positioned postured action of devolving, evolving spiraling down to the bottomed out triangulation- That's your action... Reaction.
What's the difference between your average Joe and Joseph K, the anti-hero of Kafka's famous The Trial. Not much it turns out and that plainly was Kafka's point.
Some of the Philip Roth's novels had more importance in my narrative -- and in my life -- than others. I'll try to list five of them. And I will not affirm that they are the best ones written by Mr. Roth, who wrote several masterpieces.
Never, ever forget or doubt the difference your GPS makes when you rise above self-doubt or indifference, reclaiming the moment for what needs a voice in your heart.
America's Common Man exists no more -- gone and forgotten. Once he was lauded as the salt of the earth. Now we are offered the "hard working middle class people who pay their taxes, obey the law and worry about their children's future." The linguistic dross of the hackneyed stump speech.
Roth tells a story about the summer of 1944 when a virulent polio epidemic struck his city. The hero is devastatingly thwarted when the boys he's coaching baseball begin dropping.
Five video games based on classic literature that are guaranteed to put the gory back in allegory.
As pundits debated whether Brown's win was a referendum on Obama or on health care reform -- and what it says about the "pulse" of the country -- an important discussion about gender was drowned out.
One of the rare funny moments in Philip Roth's recent novel "Everyman" (2006) takes place when the unnamed hero visits his