everytown for gun safety

The husband of Paola Nunez Linares is asking the public for help identifying the driver who killed his wife.
Insurrectionists had enough ammo to shoot everyone in Congress "five times" — and they were radicalized by decades of NRA fearmongering, a new report finds.
Gun safety advocates expressed concern about the new data, which coincides with reports of record sales from firearm retailers across the country.
Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund supported the Maine Republican in 2014. This year, they've thrown their support behind Democrat Sara Gideon.
“Lawmakers planning future relief packages can’t forget about the women trapped at home with their abusers,” said one advocate.
Some of these trainings do more harm than good, according to the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association.
The state has been devastated by some of the country's deadliest mass shootings -- but it also ranks as the worst in accidental gun violence involving children.
The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate became emotional in Iowa while discussing the shooting death of a 4-year-old girl.
Elizabeth Warren is the latest to endorse the creation of a federal licensing system.
The California senator slammed the president's history of racist rhetoric, linking it again to the Texas Walmart massacre.