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The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate became emotional in Iowa while discussing the shooting death of a 4-year-old girl.
Elizabeth Warren is the latest to endorse the creation of a federal licensing system.
The California senator slammed the president's history of racist rhetoric, linking it again to the Texas Walmart massacre.
The spontaneous demonstration was one of several heartfelt expressions of support and condolences for the victim of the El Paso mass shooting.
Shannon Watts opens up about her transformation from stay-at-home mom to outspoken activist.
Young dancers, with the help of a gun safety group, channel their trauma into a clear message: “Enough!”
The judge said he was sympathetic to the gun control groups’ concerns but questioned their legal standing to intervene in the case.
Some are insightful, some are funny, and many are heartbreaking.
Over the last few years, our friends at Everytown and Moms Demand Action have worked with law enforcement agencies to promote
The author of the infamous amendment limiting federal funding for gun violence research died April 20.
There is not a day that passes without missing my daughter Angela. When Angela’s depression did not overwhelm her, she was
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The historic events--the filibuster in Senate and the sit-in in the House-- reflect the outrage and urgency that Americans
In Congress, the immediate legislative future for gun control remains murky at best, but if organizations interested in success shift their focus away from attacks on the NRA and more towards shaping the electorate's emotional trajectory, a change in dynamic might not be far off.
Empowering LGBTQ communities - keeping them safe and giving them a platform to demand respect and humanity - will be difficult even in the wake of marquee victories, but it can happen. Beating the NRA will not be easy, but it can be done if we invest in building people power among all those who have been impacted by gun violence.