President Joe Biden had previously extended the CDC's ban on evictions through June due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus crisis.
The federal moratorium, which had been scheduled to expire on Wednesday, is now extended through the end of June.
Hundreds of people showed up in solidarity with the tent community organized in the Los Angeles park.
Shawn Douglas was arrested after he allegedly abducted two tenants he was unable to evict due to COVID-19 restrictions.
The new president wasted no time in ensuring that millions of Americans were not forced out on the streets during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Millions of Americans are bracing for possible eviction during the coronavirus pandemic. But few cities guarantee they'll get an attorney in housing court.
Pushing millions of people out of their homes could prolong the coronavirus pandemic and trigger a wave of long-term impacts.
The pandemic has only magnified systemic sexism and racism in housing, possibly leaving millions of women and their families homeless come January.
Lawmakers from California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii warned of “an eviction cliff that could leave millions homeless in the middle of a deadly pandemic.”
One father captured the heartbreaking toll of losing his Houston home: “We ain’t got nowhere to go.”