eviction moratorium

Lawmakers warned that millions are at risk of eviction after the Supreme Court struck down the CDC’s protections for renters amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Supreme Court just struck down the CDC's eviction moratorium, leaving millions of low-income renters at risk.
A federal judge is refusing landlords’ request to put the Biden administration’s new eviction moratorium on hold, though she made clear she thinks it’s illegal.
“No New Yorker who has been financially hit or displaced by the pandemic should be forced out of their home,” New York Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul said.
HuffPost reached out to roughly 60 places that had distributed $0 in rental assistance by the end of June. Here's why it's been so slow.
Democrats have no desire to extend benefits for 7.5 million facing a September cutoff.
Real estate groups have called on a federal judge to halt the newly instated protections for vulnerable renters.
The evictions have mostly been on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Millions of Americans face being forced from their homes with the midnight Saturday expiration of a moratorium on evictions during the pandemic.