The accused cult leader's decision not to call witnesses or testify came after prosecutors finished presenting their evidence over six weeks of trial in Brooklyn federal court.
The requests for underlying evidence are central to Democrats’ demands for Mueller’s full report.
James Baldwin admonished us: “The challenge is in the moment, the time is always now.”
Donald Trump definitely has proof for all these false claims, believe him.
“Waiting for Superman” (2010) was a propaganda movie promoting charter schools. I call this blog “Waiting for Evidence,” because
“Support our troops,” read a leaflet my children brought home from school in their backpacks in January 1991. It was a message
Not every woman wants to be a mom.
President Trump claims through his tweets that Obama wiretapped his home, without showing any evidence.
President Trump claims through his tweets that Obama wiretapped his home, without showing any evidence.
Our review applied the toughest evidence standards we have ever applied. Most of the studies we reviewed did not show positive
Like Santa our duty's to children, not our craft If we don't make a difference, we're doubly daft. With a sack full of programs
Correction This blog is sponsored by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation In an earlier version of this blog, I forgot to
There is good research on policy, but because so many individual policies are in play at any given moment, it is very difficult for policy researchers or policy makers to figure out the effects of anything.
So what did work? Not surprisingly, one-to-one and small-group tutoring (up to one to four) were very effective. These are
Or so I fervently hope. Or so I fervently hope. What might this mean for evidence-based reform in education? Hopefully, the
When a program moves to the next level, it may be working in many schools or distant locations, and the approach must change
It is becoming apparent that most large-scale randomized experiments in education fail to produce statistically significant
Failing to educate children, adolescents, and adults of all ages to think critically can lead many among us to hold opinions that are simply at odds with facts.