"This is evil intent to destroy a president who has America in his hands," the Trump-supporting actor preached in a video.
In pop culture, the devil or demons are largely sources of entertainment, from the head-spinning special effects in horror
And it is time that our supposed leaders follow us. For too long, we have been constrained by their procedures, their DC
So, to an extent conscious, and to an extent sentient--for the blink of an eye--here I am contemplating with you Jung, Cora
2) It's better to give than to receive. 3) Spiritual advice and wisdom should NOT cost money. Maybe the mob wouldn't have
The "contradiction" between iconic and symbolic signs is of course no accident. As a great poet, Blake would not be chained
Please God, grant us wisdom and courage to call out "the evils we deplore" and help us do better as a nation in valuing all people.
I don't know Donald Trump so I can't judge him as a person. I cannot attest to whether he's ever attacked chickens, however, I can judge the unprincipled way in which he has and continues to conduct himself during his campaign for President of the United States.