Evin prison

February 22, 2017 marked 365 days that my innocent 80-year-old Iranian-American father, Baquer Namazi has spent in Evin prison
Homa Hoodfar's family says she could hardly walk or talk.
Amir Hekmati has filed a complaint against the Iranian government, seeking damages for more than four years of imprisonment.
Hopes for his release were dashed on Saturday -- at least for now.
Orwell's Thought Police are functioning today in Iran. I know this because my cousin, Shahriar Cyrus, a husband, father of a young son and accomplished painter, was arrested last week in Iran in a similar fashion. Eleven representatives of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence came for him. His crime -- like that of hundreds of others -- was his belief.
As a director Jon Stewart's persona is a far cry from that of the television host. Instead of treating Bahari's story as a comic strip or subject of satire (in the way Argo partially did in its tale of a notorious escape from Iran), Stewart tackles his subject with deadly seriousness.
I only spent two days in detention in Tehran, but it gives me a small hint of the terrible pressure Jason and his wife -- who will certainly have been separated -- are under right now.
"There was actually something in the papers on that day and [Ghoncheh] bought the papers, took it to my parents, and they
To praise Iran's president for his diplomatic successes means forgetting all too easily that the situation within the country has changed little, if at all, since his election.
Now an internationally respected figure has added his voice to the chorus calling for his release- evangelist Billy Graham