evolutionary biology

If we view our American infatuation with Donald Trump through the lens of behavioral genetics, suddenly the pattern becomes clear.
For those committed to meat consumption, eating what they kill may offer various advantages over eating what they find sealed in cellophane. But it is a niche admonition at best, impertinent to the masses of us.
There are many theories out there as to why sperm needs to be kept cooler and why the testes of most mammals hang outside their bodies, inside the scrotal sac. In my opinion, the least likely is the "handicap principle." The easiest way to illustrate this principle is the peacock's flashy feathers.
I'm certainly grateful that I have biological impulses to act altruistically, but I'm also aware that I can't rely on them. They won't free me of the fundamental conflict between altruism and selfishness that is wired into my DNA, and they won't enable me to reach beyond my current limitations.
Being a really good dancer just reeks so much of giving a crap about a pursuit that seems kind of silly. It's like Jerry Seinfeld replied on Seinfeld when a girl asked if he went out dancing often: "No, because it's so stupid."
The researchers also believe that men's sexual preference is shaped with offspring in mind; specifically, they are interested
The whole concept of "transitional fossil," unfortunately, has a sort of linear connotation. Like, there is a sequence of species, one having evolved into the next and so on, but there's a hole in the sequence that needs to be filled. But that's not really how evolution works.
Many of you have doubtless already seen the commentary in the New York Times by my friend and colleague, Dr. David Ludwig, entitled: "Always Hungry? Here's Why." If you have not read the piece, I commend it to you.
“The paper presents a very convincing case of extinction due to humans,” says Carles Lalueza-Fox, an evolutionary biologist
Clearly the giraffe evolved this uncommon and helpful trait in order to reach those nourishing leaves. That's how natural selection works. If you're a 6-year-old.
Sellers and his colleagues at the University of Manchester plan to use the same techniques to recreate the movements of other
When you say, "The theory of evolution is something that can never be proven or disproven definitively," that's actually incorrect. The theory of evolution CAN be disproven. And that's the beauty of it.
Previous studies have shown that testosterone levels in men and women rise when they anticipate competing. High testosterone
Socialism is a dirty word, perhaps deservedly so. But the real trouble resides with our persistent use, and misuse, of a word we made dirty. Vocabulary so encumbered is like bathwater we refuse to drain; it takes on an opacity that quite obscures the baby
Thewissen explained that the horseshoe crab is indeed an incredibly old species, with the oldest fossils for the creature
The consequence of adaptationism is that every single trait is an adaptation to something. This is, quite simply, wrong.
Hans Thewissen joins Josh and science enthusiast Eli to talk about why the horseshoe crab seems not to have evolved all that much.
2013-01-18-TEDplayvideo.jpgOn a recent trip to Botswana, a country Darwin was never fortunate enough to have seen, I was struck by how readily the questions of biology, which popped up during Darwin's travels, are ripe for the asking on a modern safari.
Confronted with the hyper-vigilant and often violent jealousy of generations of men protecting their genetic legacy, evolution predicts a psychological arms race between the sexes, producing ever more keen-eyed and suspicious men and ever more creatively deceptive women.
While the mechanics of human reproduction have stayed the same in the past 80-plus years, there is no reason why our view of conception should be stuck in the early 20th century.