e.w. jackson

Following Trump's remarks, we heard from E.W. Jackson, who sought to crazysplain them for the rest of us: To recap, Trump
Kengor may be a professor, but his research skills seem to be a level of a lazy, dishonest undergrad who cares more about pushing an agenda than telling the full truth.
State Sen. Ralph Northam (D-Norfolk) defeated Republican candidate E.W. Jackson in the race for Virginia Lieutenant governor Tuesday, according to projections from NBC News and the AP.
Jackson's comments caused trouble for Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Cuccinelli, who had to repeatedly distance
“I think we’re going to have a stunning victory tomorrow,” Jackson continued. Despite his ultra-conservative views, Jackson
Ken Cuccinelli’s gubernatorial implosion may be distracting pundits, but E.W. Jackson’s risible candidacy for lieutenant
Last month, he claimed non-Christians are engaging in a "false religion." In an interview with Christian activist Dean Welty
The state governor's race pits Jackson and Cuccinelli against influential fundraiser and former Democratic Party Chairman
For every current advance in gay civil rights, another hurdle is constructed in backlash, as in the present Virginia gubernatorial race, with its more hardened, mean-spirited GOP platform. This clinging to ultra-right-wing anti-gay conviction is leaving moderate, sensible conservatives adrift.
The themes and speakers at VVS2013 have the whiff of decayed ideas and diminished power. But the really horrible part of the event is the complete and utter lack of interest in the poor, the immigrants, and those on the margins -- you know, those people Jesus loved.