The "Hairspray" star is the latest Hollywood celebrity to get serious about climate activism.
The European Union just banned two agricultural weed killers linked to infertility, reproductive problems, and fetal development - the first-ever EU ban on endocrine-disrupting pesticides. That's good news for Europeans. But what about Americans?
EWG's consistent advice for everyone is to consume plenty of nutrient-rich produce - organic or conventional. But if you can, go with organic for products that are high in pesticide residues.
  Safeguarding Our Pets Too Today, parents are consumed with information about how to keep their children safe but many are
The EPA moves slowly. Even if the agency decides to ban TCVP, more months or years may pass before products containing the
We know that these chemicals have been proven dangerous to humans. Dr. Theo Colborn's book, Our Stolen Future discusses the
As parents we are the best advocates for our children -- especially mothers, whose critical role begins long before birth
DeSmog used the Way Back Machine to review an old version of the Center for Energy, Marine Transportation and Public Policy's
It's not unusual to see celebrities in Hollywoof.. duh! But to see them with their pets can create quite THE scene. Watch out for the pet paparazzi! The London West Hollywood was the perfect place to be seen for a Great Cause!