Ex-Gay Therapy

Anti-LGBT right continues its narrative of homophobia in the name of God.
It was a disheartening shock to my soul when an institutional policy revision was made to the handbook in regards to gay members of the Church and their families.
Brunelle, whose biological mother identifies as transgender, said the experience "really left me in a place of wondering
Those whose mixed­-orientation marriages ended experience “a kind of triple blame by their family and faith communities — first
I spent nearly 20 years disgusted with pesky, relentless, unwanted attractions to other men. I turned to church and Jesus to make me "normal" in hopes that I would like women more. It took me years to recognize just how much harm I done in suppressing and demonizing my desires for other men.
"There was a psychological 'breaking-me-down' and isolation process from my friends and family because they were considered unhealthy. They did this to achieve complete domination over me to build me up and mold me from there."
The billboard is reportedly set to run through Jan. 4. "It just seems like there no place in today's world for an organization
A representative for PFOX was not immediately available for comment. LGBTQ Nation spoke with a rep for Lamar Advertising
We do not in any way compromise our biblical position against same sex unions or in favor of biblical teaching on matters