"Dozens of beautiful fabrications, exaggerations and insults," promises the voiceover for a spoof ad that aired on "Morning Joe."
Would you like to increase harmony in your life, cut the potential for conflict and hurting other people? If yes, then this challenge might be for you...
How many of you are frustrated with the number you see on the scale? This is the time of year many people make New Year's resolutions, and my guess is that one of your goals is to lose weight.
Even when an old, heavy redwood tree falls terminally to the ground, its seeds are already on their way to producing another life. And now, as we look to the year 2013, we can discuss the importance of realizing that the ending of year 2012 is merely prepping us for what's to come.
Literally means actually or without exaggeration. When you say "I literally...," it means you're describing something exactly
The Craig Venter endeavor was expensive, glitzy -- and banal. My advice to bioethicists is to save their energy for truly fearsome items.
When men lose their jobs and/or their money, they're prone to depression, anxiety and loss of self-esteem, which can wreak havoc on their relationships.
Willard Daggett claimed, among other things, that we were the only nation in the world that still thought that you teach biology and chemistry as separate courses.
By Richard Greener Reagan was elected governor of California in November 1966 and took office the following January. He had