The spiritual teacher is credited for introducing millions to the practices of yoga and meditation.
He nods as if he's been expecting this one. "What isn't Zen?" To have earned the title of Roshi, Matthiessen received transmission
Two hours and about 30,000 tweets later, the full cover was revealed, #ClockworkPrincess was a worldwide Twitter trending topic, and fans of the series were already critiquing what the cover does -- and doesn't -- show.
One fascinating question about the financial crisis is how and why the CEOs of major banks could have tolerated behavior that destroyed their own companies.
According to Sean Pratt, the actor that narrated the recording of the 1,076-page book, endnotes are indicated at appropriate
Boehner’s allies told the speaker he was at risk of losing not 40 to 60 Tea Party members of the caucus, but 150 members
My novel, The Little Bride, begins in a basement in Odessa, where 16-year-old maidservant Minna Losk is being given her "Look" - an examination to see if she's sufficiently "fit" (i.e., "virginal") to become a mail-order bride to America.
“How can I see the video?” Stanley asked and just as soon realized he’d better amend the question to forestall the laughter
Buffett had indeed learned through experience that "when in doubt keep holding"; he said, "I've made most of my money sitting on my ass."