excessive force

Moments after Jaylan Butler stepped off his team's bus to stretch his legs, Illinois police allegedly forced him to the ground and threatened to blow his "head off."
Dashcam footage shows officers from Orange County Sheriff’s Department giving a false account of a violent encounter with a drunken man.
Dashcam footage shows officers from Orange County Sheriff’s Department brutally beating a drunken man
Body cam footage has caught a Tennessee Sheriff boasting about ordering deadly force against an unarmed man, because he didn’t want damage his vehicles.
The school district stated that handcuffing children was just one of the many “methods” the staff used.
Feeling distracted yet? Perhaps Tampa PD's reaction is a foreshadowing of things to come once its former Chief is officially
"Mr. Patel’s celebrated arrival in this country to begin a new life with his son was interrupted in two tragic minutes," the judge wrote.
In addition to serious questions about use of force and why another unarmed person of color has died at the hands of Denver law enforcement, his case illustrates several systemic deficiencies of our criminal justice system, both in Denver and nationwide.
Police brutality is an ugly term we don't want to hear. Unfortunately, it's part of the necessary and sometimes nasty business called policing. Fortunately, it rarely occurs. But when it does -- it's big news.