Sam Young started campaigning after learning his daughter had been asked sexually explicit questions during private "worthiness" interviews.
Church officials have not said why Elder James J. Hamula was removed from church membership.
Truth. I always found the Neon Trees music videos to be a lot of fun. How important are music vids to you individually on
Don't get me wrong. I am very fond of Pope Francis -- his warmth and sunniness, and his dedication to serving the poor. But it is becoming wearying when the Pope, after three years in office, edifies the faithful through off-the-cuff remarks that the media scramble to decipher.
Well, Spinoza is still officially excommunicated. There was a lively discussion on Sunday in Amsterdam, in an extraordinary
Several years ago, and much to its credit, Talmud Torah, at the request of one of its members, decided to take up the question of whether Spinoza's herem should be lifted.
Martin Luther sparked controversy by challenging the authority of the Catholic Church.
While responses to those resisting orthodox conventions vary, tales of excommunication abound. Some of this is in light of a genre of memoirs by those who refer to themselves as Off The Derech (OTD. "Derech" is Hebrew for "path.")
Kelly, who was excommunicated in June 2014, now lives in Nairobi, Kenya, where she works on human-rights efforts. She was
The Society of St. Pius X expelled Williamson in 2012 for criticizing the reconciliation efforts with the Vatican, saying
"Church discipline is not designed to be the end of the process, but the beginning of the road back to full fellowship," Hawkins
Dehlin is the founder of "Mormon Stories," a well-known website and podcast that has discussed controversial topics within
Kate Kelly joins HuffPost Live to talk about why she's determined to remain a member of the Mormon Church.
Judy Dushku joins Caroline to express her opinion that the Church shouldn't be able to dictate its attitudes towards marriage.
Much is at stake with the selection of Pope Benedict XVI's successor, including a lot of money.
The Roman Church and its misguided leaders may seek to "kill" the reputation and ministry of Flannery. But, they will succeed only in giving birth to other Flannerys, to other Martin Luther Kings.
Religious institutions have every right to make their own decisions about whom they will marry. But I don't believe religious institutions have the right to impose them on others.
"How can we as men say our call from God is authentic, but your call as women is not? Who are we to reject God's call of women to the priesthood?"