Twenty years after being convicted, Michael Samra was put to death by lethal injection.
The avowed white supremacist was among three men convicted of dragging James Byrd Jr., a black man, to his death in a horrific hate crime.
The work, which depicts a structure where 38 Dakota Indians were killed, was criticized for being insensitive.
Ledell Lee died by lethal injection Thursday just minutes before his death warrant expired.
A federal judge has halted Arkansas’ plan to put at least six men to death over 11 days in its effort to use up its supply of a key drug before it expires.
Arkansas’ plan to execute eight prisoners in 11 days has been a matter of life, death and, now, free speech.
But it's in the top seven -- and its plans to execute 7 prisoners in 11 days are drawing international attention.
Mark Christeson killed the family after breaking into their home with his cousin.
[2] http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/01/opinion/condemned-to-die-because-hes-black.html A generation from now I believe our
The convicted's attorneys argued that judges were given inappropriate powers in his sentencing.
The rare move comes as the Supreme Court continues to operate without a ninth member.