The state plans to reschedule the lethal injection for 69-year-old Alva Campbell.
Almost three years ago, Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner were scheduled for execution in Oklahoma on the same night. You
For the first time in two decades, a state will execute eight inmates in one month.
In the last twenty years, capital punishment has fallen out of favor in the United States.
Who is the Islamic State (ISIS) executing, and why? My analysis of 6,019 executions (gathered in an original dataset based
According to a recent Buzzfeed investigation, the people in Missouri responsible for actually executing death row inmates were paid, in total, over $250,000 in hard cold currency since 2013, in possible violation of federal tax laws.
And the electric chair. And hanging. And the gas chamber.
Alabama used to use pentobarbital, a powerful barbiturate, in its executions, not midazalom, but, like other states intent
"My punishment's over. They can't hurt me no more," Oscar Ray Bolin said.
Death to come for man convicted in the brutal rapes and murders of three Florida women nearly 30 years ago
Western news outlets fear consequences across the Middle East and want the U.S. to take a tougher stance.
MESSAGE TO SAUDIS However, the executions seemed mostly aimed at discouraging Saudis from jihadism after bombings and shootings
Surveys consistently indicate a majority of North American adults support capital punishment... under the right circumstances. So if you support it... you should be able to hand out the death penalty.